Summer Camp will not return in 2022

Thanks to All Who Joined Us!

Do your kids ask how schoolwork is relevant to their future? For some very practically-minded, inventive, creative kids, an emphasis on learning content without context or links to real-world applications can be a struggle. We create a stronger link between theoretical curriculum material and hands-on experiential learning and real-world case studies. There's math, chemistry, physics and biology in almost everything we use and do each day. That's how we teach what can be "abstract" concepts to our students so that they are engaged and excited to learn. We go well beyond robotics and coding offered by other STEM programs. STEM is for everyone. You'll get a glimpse too when your kids present to you!

Give Your Child The Skills To Succeed in STEM!

Hands-On Learning Generates Results

Students get to complete fun, hands-on projects across a wide range of STEAM subjects, such as programming, engineering, science, digital arts, and game design.


They’ll learn the fundamental concepts and new skills that go above and beyond what is taught in the classroom. 



Students Learn by Teaching!

                 “While we teach, we learn”

 Roman philosopher, Seneca


Nothing tests your knowledge more than having to explain what you know to others. Students at our centers have the opportunity to lead discussions or present their findings and projects to peers and family members every week.


At the end of our two-part curriculum designed for elementary and middle school students (Grades 2-8)  members can obtain their Tech Rising Star or Tech Achiever Certification.


A life-long passion for science, mentoring and learning.

As the daughter of professors trained in health sciences, it was very natural for our founder to love experimenting and inventing from an early age before pursuing a career in biomedical sciences. Karen brings experience as a mentor with the Prince's Trust in England and as a  board member for education foundations in the US. Working in medical research and data analytics for the past 25 years as a researcher and executive has led to collaborations with NASA, Google and top research labs around the world.