Fun and Sun STREAM Into Your Child's Summer

We are delighted to welcome Aquinas Academy families (in rising grades 1-7) to the 2019 STEM EdVenture Summer Camp.  Our STREAM program includes activities and lab-time in Science, Technology, Recreation, Engineering, Art, Math, and Medicine. If your child is a budding biologist, aspiring artist, scientist, designer or a miniature medic - our camp will be packed with fun, color, invention, discovery, and creativity. Campers will be grouped by age (grades rising 1-3, 4-7) and can pick from a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities each day.


Kids need sun, fun and, space to explore when school is out! Campers will enjoy air-conditioned rooms, a stage for performances and presentations, as well as spacious outdoor facilities at Trinity Covenant Church in Livingston. This location is close to St Barnabas Medical Center and just 1 mile from our lab (directions). Morning and afternoon sessions will include content from our regular schedule as well as summer-time science-based activities, outdoor games, demos, launches, and filming.




MTL camp counselors and instructors have high-school, undergraduate, and graduate-level training in science topics. All of our staff have completed background checks and have experience with teaching STEM classes or other grade school or college classes. Complete a camp interest form - meet the faculty at our open house events on May 12th, 26th and orientation session on June 2nd. 



We will provide healthy, summer-time snacks. Full day campers will need to bring a labeled nut-free packed lunch. Weather permitting, lunch will be taken outside. A new lunch option for 2019 is to order lunch through Simply Gourmet. Details will be sent once you have completed your registration. 


Dates: July 8th - August 2nd, 2019


Aquinas families can enroll in our inaugural STEM EdVenture Camp for 20% less than regular registration prices. Call us if you are registering siblings or need to spread your days out.









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  • Art &  Design If your child is a budding artist, scientist or designer, HTC-Vive virtual reality painting and design is a unique opportunity for them to create and invent. Students will be trained to use the diverse features of Tilt Brush before releasing their most creative energy to design their very own masterpieces.  Images will be captured and printed on customized t-shirts and printed materials for campers to take home. 

  • Robots & Coding For kids who are new to robots and coding, campers will program Ozobots and Jimu robots. More advanced coders / robotics enthusiasts will work with LEGO Boost, Mindstorms and Arduino.

  • Food Science: Dietetic students will teach campers about eating choices, nutrition, and safe cooking practices. Which vitamins and proteins do our bodies make and which ones do we need to get from our foods?

  • Campers will explore the food rainbow and make some simple, delicious summer foods that will help them stay refreshed and nourished.

  • Campers will learn about the science and techniques behind flavors and textures while experimenting with tempering chocolate, making ice-cream, soda, smoothies, sour candy, marinades, garlic, and chili.

  • Many of our regular MTL students are interested in neuroscience. Do you think or hear music in color? Synesthesia is a perceptual phenomenon in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway. During this experiment, we will collect data about colors after smelling or tasting some yummy samples and listening to music. We will then learn how to plot beautiful colorful graphical summaries of the data we collect.  

  • Help NASA visualize and communicate space exploration.

  • Take NASA data and create/share cool visuals.

  • NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) needs our help to take complex scientific data and cloud images and turn them into informative graphics to convey a simple and easy to understand messages!

  • The JPL’s newest venture is called JPL Infographics, and they need our help to create and post your very own creations of scientific graphic art.

  • Participate in a data science experiment. Explore  NASA satellites and the data they collect, focusing on the Gravity Recovery And Climate Experiment, or GRACE mission

  • YouTube, gaming and mobile video are a large part of daily life these days.

  • Learn how to create your own video content and publish it to a private channel 

  • If your kids love YouTube and want to learn how to create their own vlogs, they will love this activity.

  • Design apps and games using the latest technology in motion capture 

  • The race is on to find cures for diseases that affect people across the world and in our communities

  • Do you know the code - the DNA code? You will by the end of this camp session.

  • Learn how to unravel the mysteries behind a disease and launch an investigation into potential treatments. 

  • Start your journey as a cure detective

  • Toys are fun to play with but did you know they are also great for learning about science?

  • Learn about the physics of drones and quadcopter flight.

  • Discover Newton's Laws of Motion using Hotwheels on and off the tracks

  • What makes bubble machines work?

  • How are RC toys controlled?

  • The answers to these questions and more are all to be discovered in this fun series of indoor and outdoor experiments

  • Campers will design, build and enjoy a wide range of PVC pipe creations during the My Tech Learning PVC Workshops

  • Using versatile PVC pipe, a tape measure, glue, the help of instructors and your imagination, you can create amazing crafts, tools and water features. 

  • The joint team camp project will be to build a tiny house out of PVC pipe using a geodesic dome design. This is a great example of outdoor math fun!

  • Campers and instructors will construct the dome as well as design unique decorative covers over the course of each camp week

  • Experience the latest in music technology

  • Gets hands on experience with DJ mixing applications that accurately recreate a traditional DJ setup in virtual reality. 

  • Use PRIME to remix songs and create your own arrangements.

  • As a follow-up to our Science and Tech in Beauty event, we have a week-long session at camp on this topic

  • How are beauty products and clothes made? Experiment, test and make your own products.

  • Have ever wondered how STEAM is related to fashion or beauty? 

  • Explore how data science and artificial intelligence are being used in the cosmetics and fashion industry

  • Explore beauty and fashion apps and design your own.


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