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Location and opening times

Where are you located?

My Tech Learning is based at elementary and middle schools in Essex country New Jersey.

What time are the classes each week?

The My Tech Learning Center in Livingston NJ opens for classes from 4pm-7pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Friday and from 10am-2pm at the weekends. Classes run for 60 mins and are organized by grade groups. Please refer to the classes page from the top menu to confirm programs and class times. Sessions which can be completed over a 6-18 week period depending on your schedule of activties. The "Tech Acheiver" presentation occurs upon completion of 18 classes. Parents can attend their child's round up presentations at the end of each module. We will notify of the dates so that you can add them to your schedule once you are enrolled.

Do you have a calendar of events?

You can find updates on events on our events page https://www.mytechlabs.org/events Due to COVID-19 all events have been postponed for 2020-2021. Please check out events page in fall of 2021 or subscribe at the top of the home page for updates.

Curriculum & Certificates

My child already takes STEM classes at school

We are excited to see the growth of STEM courses in school curricula. Our goal is to help each and every child reach their fullest potential. It is all about the power of "purposeful practice" and "immersion mastery" during the hours we will spend with your child in addition to what they are learning at school. My Tech Learning courses (Part 1 and Part 2) are where most of our new students get immersed, not just in understanding the basics of STEM topics, but also in enhancing their confidence and enthusiasm for the theory, practice and application of these subjects. Our curriculum is not just for kids who already love science, math and technology and related activities. The different levels of material covered and labs available offer something for all skill and experience backgrounds. We will take previous experience into consideration when forming teams and groups. We have designed coursework to make formulae and equations come to life and connect the theoretical concepts to practical real-world applications. Our faculty who are from undergraduate, graduate and STEM careers will make science and technology understandable, interesting and relevant to enrolled students.

Who are the instructors and what experience do they have?

Our STEM class instructors are undergraduates and/or graduates with degrees (Bachelors, Masters or PhD) in STEM disciplines such as physics, math, enginerering, computer science, biology, medicine and other relevant field. Our unique program includes virtual live or live sessions with tech company staff from companies like Google and Amazon, who have a passion for sharing their love of science and inspiring the next generation of young scientists, engineers, computer scientists and biomedical researchers. We want kids to know the backgrounds and interests of real-life scientists and what actually goes on behind the walls of these companies. We also have faculty members and career counselors at nearby institutions NJIT, Montclair State, Seton Hall, Rutgers, Princeton and schools further afield at our monthly TECH Talks sharing what it is like to study in STEM fields. Each of our staff is carfeully vetted for a clean background check and experience working with children in a learning environment or at summer camps.

What are the "Talented in Tech Awards"

Students will learn many new skills during the course that go beyond the regular curriculum content. They will learn how to present, work in teams and teach what they know. We have a unique program called See-one, Do-one, Teach-one (SoDoTo). This builds kids confidence in mastering material and sharing their learnings with peers and parents. The work that students put into the class work and projects, the purposeful practice of and immersion mastery will allow them to evolve and grow their talent in STEM fields by the end of the program. At the end of Part 2 of the course, all enrolled children will have the opportunity to present some of their projects and skills to an audience of parents, tech insiders, college faculty, career counselors and friends. They will graduate from their grade program with a Talented in Tech certificate documenting the hours they have spend training in science and technology. Part 3 and Part 4 course material are under development and will be available in the Fall of 2018. Presentations night is a fun evening that will bring moments of joy and laughter to all involved.

What will my child learn during My Tech classes?

Children enrolled in the two-part My Tech course will complete a variety of modules and labs across different science and technology disciplines. There will be an initial focus on deepening students grasp of the core principles and fundamentals that form the basis of a broader understanding and interest in STEM subjects. We will traverse traditional physical and life science topics that you will find in school curriculums with an empahsis bridging learning to life. For example: how do the laws of motion, velocity, force and thrust enable drones to fly or fidget spinners spin for a certain length of time.

What happens in lab-time?

At age 16, Einstein tried to picture in his mind what it would be like to ride alongside a light beam. If you reached the speed of light, wouldn't the light waves seem stationery to you? This was just the beginning of his work on the theory of relativity. At My Tech EdVenture Labs, we encourage thought experiments. When we can, we'll try and test them too. Students will participate in experiments aimed at teaching the principles testing ideas. The multiple stages of conducting experiments will be covered including, planning, conducting, analyzing results and presenting findings.