Computer Science

3 levels of coding, robotics and computer science classes designed for elementary and middle school students


The Physics of Drones - learn about the math and formula related to drone take off and flight


Typing Club clinics with weekly throwdown competitions and prizes that are bound to speed up those little fingers


PART 1 Course




An introduction to biomedical sciences including biochemistry, genomics, and molecular biology. 


Health Informatics and VR-anatomy featuring HTC Vive Virtual Reality headsets to explore the human body and disease 


Precision Medicine: What is it and how can technology help?



PART 1 Course




Students will learn about the math, physics, biology and material science related to the design and production of the things they use every day toothpaste, cars and their homes. 


Experiments, 3D printing projects, and computer-aided design. Explore the design of notable buildings around the world with virtual globe-trotting and  HTC Vive virtual reality.



PART 1 Course

This course will improve the digital literacy of students. They will explore the history of the digital and information technology age.


Students will learn about the theory and practice of the technologies and capabilities that sparked a new generation of digital, mobile and cloud capabilities. 


Student teams will design and pitch (to parents and invited faculty) a tech company the solves a common problem in the NextTech Inc. game. 


PART 2 Course

The shift from desktop devices to handheld mobile devices is in full swing. Social networks are booming across all age groups and the integration of video is on the rise.


Which major technologies and companies have driven the development and distribution of apps? 


Students will design and create their own unique app to help improve their community.


PART 2 Course

Patents, trademarks and funding are essential to the continued growth of technology innovation.


Learn how patents are filed and reviewed. Find out how new ideas get off the ground and gain funding for further development.


Students will attempt to create a novel invention and perform a trademark and patent search




PART 2 Course



Protecting & funding innovation

Agritech uses technology in agriculture, horticulture, and aquaculture to improve yield, efficiency, and profitability.


Students will build on their social studies and geogrpahy curriculum by learning about food supply and crop management software that uses satellite data and cloud databases

Fintech is the use of technology to deliver financial services to consumers. It is redefining and reshaping the financial sector in fundamental ways.


Leap from cute pink piggy banks to understanding mobile banking apps, peer-to-peer lending, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, robo-advisors, and crowdfunding

The growth of digital and mobile technolgy of the past decade, the amount of data we collect in almost of every domain of life has skyrocketed. Cloud computing allows storage of vast lakes of data. How do we analyze all of this data and learn from it?


What is data and how do machines help us store and analyze it. Students will create mini data lakes and look for patterns in the data.


Machines and Machine  learning



Emerging Technology Subjects coming in Spring and Fall of 2018


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