Let the EdVentures Begin!

Classes at My Tech EdVenture Lab are officially underway and everyone is having a great time learning about STEM and seeing how it impacts just about everything in our every day lives. Kids are also learning about safety tips before performing each experiment. At My Tech, safety always comes first!

Since launching the first class on February 5th, our young edventurers have learned vocabulary of computers and the human body, explored the digestive system, built electrical circuits, disassembled and assembled a desktop computer and are on the first leg of the Jimu robot project.

Fun at My Tech EdVenture Lab!

Check out our videos (video 1) (video 2) to see some of what happens in the lab.

There are many more Edventures in store. Join us for Winter break mini-camp February 19th-February 22nd for our full day or half day programs.

Contact us with questions or book your session or birthday party online. We look forward to hearing from you!

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